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Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities

Forest School

The preschool children enjoy forest school sessions throughout the year in small groups.  During these sessions they climb trees, build dens, take part in nature activities, supervised tool use and cooking over an open fire.  The children learn about being safe outdoors whilst having lots of fun!!

Swimming Lessons
We offer swimming lessons to the Preschool children. The lessons are held at Walton le dale Primary school Pool on a Wednesday morning.

The children are taught by Amy from Amy's Aqua Stars.







Sports Coach
We are d
elighted to have a sports coach from A Star coming into the setting every 4 weeks. These sessions provide fun and encourage your child to build their confidence, skills and motivation through sport in a variety of ways. These practical experiences can lead to a great foundation with not only physical development but Personal and Social also. The Preschool and Toddlers both benefit from these sessions.

Creative Dance Teacher

We have a creative dance teacher who comes once every 4 weeks to do a workshop with the preschool children.


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